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The Perl/Tk manual is split up into a number of sections: Introduction • Tk::overview • Tk::UserGuide Tk Geometry Management • Tk::Adjuster. The tk command provides access to miscellaneous elements of Tk's internal state. Most of the information manipulated by this command per- tains to the application as a whole, or to a screen or display, rather than to a partic. Tk3 perl/Tk Documentation Tk3 NAME Tk - a graphical user interface toolkit for Perl SYNOPSIS.

The man page builder also recognizes patterns of formatting in the Tcl/Tk man pages and extracts these patterns into tables of contents for the large man pages. You can try them out by visiting the top level table of contents: Man pages for Tcl/Tk. If you find them useful, please feel free to take the whole tree. tk fontchooser subcommand. Controls the Tk font selection dialog. For more details see the fontchooser manual page. tk scaling ?-displayof window? ?number? Sets and queries the current scaling factor used by Tk to convert between physical units for example, points, inches, or.

Tk_GetVisual takes a string description of a visual and finds a suitable X Visual for use in tkwin, if there is one. It returns a pointer to the X Visual structure for the visual and stores the number of bits per pixel for it at. Linux and UNIX Man Pages. tk_getvisual3 [centos man page] Tk. Tk_MaintainGeometry and Tk_UnmaintainGeometry make it easier for geometry managers to deal with slaves whose masters are not their parents. Three problems arise if the master for a slave is not its parent: [1] The x- and y-positio.

Tk_WindowId and the other names listed above are all macros that return fields from Tk's local data structure for tkwin. None of these macros requires any interaction with the. Tk_GetJustifyFromObj places in justifyPtr the justify value corresponding to objPtr's value. This value will be one of the following: TK_JUSTIFY_LEFT Means that the text on each line should start at the left edge of the line. tk_getjustifyfromobj3 [centos man page]. Ant-man. Ant-Man et la Guêpe. Antartica, Prisonniers du Froid. Appelez-moi DJ Rebel. Arrietty, le Petit Monde des Chapardeurs. Atlantide: l'Empire Perdu. Au Royaume des Singes. Austin et Ally - Saison 1. Austin et Ally - Saison 2. Avalon High: Un Amour Légendaire. Avengers. Avengers 2: L'Ère d'Ultron.

This manual entry describes the common configuration options supported by widgets in the Tk toolkit. Every widget does not necessarily support every option see the manual entries for individual widgets for a list of the standard options supported by that widget, but if a widget does support an option with one of the names listed below, then the option has exactly the effect described below. The authors strongly suggest getting a copy of the Tk man pages. Specifically, the man pages in the mann directory are most useful. The man3 man pages describe the C interface to the Tk library and thus are not especially helpful for script writers. Tk_ScreenNumber returns the index of tkwin's screen among all the screens of tkwin's display. Tk_Screen returns a pointer to the Xlib structure corresponding to tkwin's screen. Tk_X, Tk_Y, Tk_Width, and Tk_Height return information about tkwin's location within its parent and its size.

Specifies the amount of external padding to leave on the bottom side of the slave. The value may have any of the forms acceptable to Tk_GetPixels. -padleft => value Specifies the amount of external padding to leave on the left side of the slave. -padright => value Specifies the amount of external padding to leave on the right side of the slave. tk 命令提供对 Tk 内部状态的杂类元素的访问。这个命令操纵的多数信息适合于作为一个整体的应用程序,或者是一个屏幕或显示器,而不是一个特定的窗口。依赖于 option 参数,这个命令可以接受的多种不同的的形式。合法的形式有: tk appname ?newName? tk 命令提供對 Tk 內部狀態的雜類元素的訪問。這個命令操縱的多數信息適合於作爲一個整體的應用程序,或者是一個屏幕或顯示器,而不是一個特定的窗口。依賴於 option 參數,這個命令可以接受的多種不同的的形式。合法的形式有: tk appname ?newName? Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

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